Interest Rate


We’re thrilled to introduce our financing and cash incentives designed to assist you with purchasing one of our move-in-ready homes! Enjoy an introductory interest rate of 3.125% for the first year as of today. While this rate is subject to daily adjustments, our 3-2-1 buydown offer remains a constant benefit for all move-in ready homes, reducing rates for three years.

Alternatively, opt for an exceptional cash offer and receive up to $25,000 in cash with the purchase of select homes. This bonus can be applied towards your mortgage rate buydown or home upgrades, offering you flexibility and savings in personalizing your new home.

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Move-In-Ready Homes

with Financing and Cash Options

Please note that the interest rate mentioned may vary and cannot be guaranteed. The availability of these incentives is limited to select homes. Floyd reserves the right to dictate the use or application of the cash offer. Eligibility for these incentives is contingent upon approved financing. Additional restrictions may apply and these offers are not available to every homebuyer. It’s important to consult with our team to understand all the details and requirements pertaining to these offers, ensuring they align with your homebuying journey.