Transition from Summer to Fall Decor

How to make the transition easy from summer, and decorate your home for the fall season.


The first day of fall is fast approaching; it’s only one week from today! With busy work and family schedules to keep up with, one of the last things on your mind may be decorating your home for the fall. With these few simple ideas to help spark your creativity, you will see that fall decorating can be fun, economical and something you and your family can look forward to as the season changes every year.

14046156_1228232253875444_5608191734308373628_nPumpkins: A go-to for every fall is pumpkin decorating and/or carving. If you want to use real pumpkins, this is a fun-family-friendly event to go pick out a pumpkin at a local farm in your area (you can often find them sold at local convenience stores as well). Carving kits are very inexpensive to buy in store or online, and typically come with stencils and easy to follow instructions. Another option is to buy a faux pumpkin from a local craft store. These can come in various shapes, sizes and colors and are still fun to paint, carve and display. As an added bonus, faux pumpkins can be reused every year.

Flowers: Reach in those storage boxes or in the very back of that cabinet to grab those vases you hardly ever use, or if you use them often, pick one you love. Head to a local store that sells real flowers and look for fall colors (i.e. burnt orange, yellows, deep reds - think fall leaves as a guide). Or, if you want to reuse them again, head to a craft store or larger store that has a craft section inside of it and buy faux, fall-colored flowers. These will look great as a centerpiece on your dining room table, coffee table, entry way, and just about any place you can think to put them.

Mason Jars: These are very inexpensive jars that can be bought at craft stores and grocery stores. It's so easy to transform these simple glass jars into a seasonal decor piece. For example, if you place 3 or 4 on a mantle side-by-side, you can easily paint each one a different fall color like yellow, deep red and orange. Then, you can tie a simple piece of twine or string in a shoe lace bow around the top of the jar and they're ready to be displayed. For a less hands on crafty idea, keep the mason jars unpainted and purchase a few faux leaves and mix them with pine cones/pine needles from outside and place them in the jar for a nature inspired fall display.

Other quick ideas: Change out or add a table cloth and/or placemats at your dining room table that has fall colors; if you have a decorative chalk board at home already write a fall phrase “Happy Fall” or something that speaks to you; buy a pack of faux leaves and berry garland and place them on a mantle or center of your dining room table (most craft stores will have them). Lastly, do an internet search for "fall decor ideas" and you'll see that the possibilities are endless with how many easy projects and inexpensive decorating you can do.

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