Landscaping in Nice Weather

The weather is turning nice and you want to get outside. What's an easy fix to spruce up your curb appeal?


The easiest thing you can do to make the outside of your house more appealing is to add flowers and shrubs.

First, give your lawn a manicure and cut down overgrown items and cut the grass.

Next, decide on a focal point, what do you want people to notice first? Then add your plants, shrubs and trees. Remember you can mix it up and don't have to only plant one variety. If you have 2 entryways but want your guests to come to a certain door create a pathway leading to the door you'd like your guests to use. Once you've created the walkway to your entrance make sure it's 5 to 6 feet so you can add planters or decorations to the area.

When adding or changing your landscape remember the principles of design which are unity, scale, balance, and mass for the perfect design.

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