Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is a day to recognize the contributions of American workers of all industries to the U.S. economy. For those that are off work today and enjoying quality family time and for those who are working today, we thank you for your hard and dedicated work.


Labor DayIf you didn’t already know, Sonny Floyd began building residential construction in the Fayetteville area of North Carolina during the post-war boom of the early 1950's, and under his direction Floyd Properties grew into a prominent and well-respected real estate development company.

Mr. Floyd's sons, Steve and Greg, are now partners in their father's new home construction & neighborhood development business, and each member of the family contributes his own unique skills to ensure the success of Floyd Properties. Steve is a master builder and has now been building homes for almost 50 years. Greg is involved in the marketing and development aspects of the company.

At Floyd Properties, we understand the value and dedication it takes to work hard for your living. This is why Floyd Properties doesn’t just build houses; we build neighborhoods one family at a time. Contact us today at 910-237-5018 or visit FloydProperties.com for more information to help make your dream home become a reality.

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