Getting Ready to Move-in?

There is a lot to think about when you are getting ready to move into a new home. Here are some packing tips to make your move a little smoother:


1. Getting started is always tough and overwhelming but don't procrastinate. Begin with rooms and items that aren't essential to your everyday living. Pack a few boxes a day.

2. Focus on one room at a time and keep those boxes and items separate from other items. It's easy to through random things into a box but keep from doing that to make unpacking easier. Wrap small items in brightly colored tissue paper so they don't get thrown out by accident.

3. Label every box clearly using a big marker or sharpie. Labels should be on the top and sides of boxes. Make sure writing is legible and large.

4. Use packing paper or towels because using newspaper could bleed onto your belongings.

5. This may sound irritating but use boxes made for packing. They will be uniform in size and will make loading and unloading much easier. If you get boxes from random places they might be dirty or not sturdy enough for your needs.

6. Know the items that cannot be packed and moved by a moving company. It is illegal to move some common household items because they can be hazardous.

7. Make sure you keep family heirlooms, and other valuables out and move them yourself. Keep space in your vehicle for things of utmost importance to you.

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